Dear valued customers,

this is a special information for choosing the right metaldetector and equipment for

finding the most and biggest gold nuggets.

My name is Thomas and I have been in 93 countries of the world. In some I have found

a lot of gold with my experience and my equipment. 

First of all, here is a list of the range of detectors you can use:


1. Number one is the GPX 5000 and 4800 series from Minelab.

2. Alternatives are : Minelab X Terra series , Eureka Gold or the new CTX 3030.

3. All other machines like  Fisher, Whites, etc. can be used  but you will  not have a great

    success with these detectors, because they are simple VLF  

    detectors which run with only one frequency. VLF detectors cannot stand the conditions on

    the goldfields. Magnetic soil, iron oxidated  red soil, hot rocks, etc. is very difficult to overcome for

    VLF detectors. They have no depth at all.


For deep gold nuggets you need special coils for the GPX series:

The best ones are the ones from Minelab or Coiltek or Detech.

You will get them in different sizes, from 5" up to 27" , as Mono or DD coils.

Also you need stronger  battery cables and boosters to tune your GPX detector.


See below some pictures of gold finds with GP, GPX detectors and Coiltek coils.

or click here.



 Arizona 1 kg                 Sudan  8kg                                    Australia  9 kg                    Mongolia   4,5 kg                             



Australia  10 kg                         Tansania  450 g                  Colorado 3 kg                Arizona  5 kg


Minelab provides metal detecting equipment directly to the alluvial gold mining markets across Africa, Asia Pacific, North, Central and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Russia. The products are revolutionising how gold miners search for gold nuggets in some of the world’s most difficult soil conditions.

The GPX Series in particular has initiated ‘gold rushes’ around the world as these detectors find gold much deeper than ANY other detector, in ALL ground conditions.

The GPX Series has created new “gold rushes” around the world as these detectors find gold much deeper than ANY other detector, in ALL ground conditions.

The GPX 5000 is the most advanced gold prospecting detector and sets a new benchmark in gold detecting technology.

The state-of-the-art technologies and an incredible eight Soil / Timings (Timings) enable this high performance detector to ‘see through’ even the toughest ground to find gold of any size at unbelievable depths.

Besides the patented MPS, DVT and SETA technologies and legendary GPX ability, this unbeatable detector also features 6 preset search modes, a Boost Audio function and comes with two coils as standard to guarantee successful prospecting.

The GPX 5000 has all of the features and functions of the GPX 4800 as standard plus additional functionality providing:

  • Superior GOLD prospecting performance
  • 8 Soil/Timings is like having 8 detectors in 1, find more gold in ALL ground conditions
  • Fine Gold Timing gives even more depth and sensitivity than Enhance — bring home more nuggets even from ground thought to be completely worked out!
  • Salt/Gold Timing improved performance on both large and small nuggets in salty mineralised ground
  • 6 factory preset Search Modes for ‘switch on and go’ simplicity for everyone 
  • Increased Rx Gain adjustment allowing more precise sensitivity control and better performance
  • 2 coils: 11-inch Double-D coil plus 11-inch Monoloop coil as standard
  • Increased Stablizer adjustment level
  • Improved target response settings
  • Quick Start Guide and Decal Overlay are available 




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