The 3rd generation Explorer surpasses anything you've seen for depth, sensitivity and superior discrimination!

The Full Band Spectrum (FBS) circuit automatically transmits multiple frequencies simultaneously. The increased frequency range means that the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed from a wide range of responses. This allows the Explorer SE to analyse more target information so that the Target Identification (ID) is more accurate.

Ground balancing is automatic with Minelab's advanced digital filtering. Whatever field conditions you encounter, from dry clay to wet black sand or rich loam, Minelab will find what you're looking for.

Minelab's unique FBS technology means deep, sensitive, accurate detecting.


Look at these Improved Features

  • New faster and more powerful microprocessor with improved power consumption makes the Explorer SE more responsive. Spend more time detecting; less time programming and recharging.
  • New menu structure giving easier access to key functions makes Explorer SE programming a breeze. Fast learning curve; intuitive, easy to learn user interface.
  • New audio modulated pinpoint mode making target size and depth identification more reliable. Save valuable time recovering targets.
  • Simplified Iron Mask coordinates 0-31 with full ferrous discrimination capability. Easy correlation of Iron Mask settings with digital read-out values; more user friendly function; Simplifies use of Iron Mask; make better use of Iron Mask function.
  • New audio tone settings with new Pitch Hold mode for picking up even the faintest of target signals. Improve recovery rate for the smallest or deepest of good targets.
  • New Quickstart settings make the learning curve on the Explorer SE a more rewarding one.
  • New finer threshold and volume adjust controls. Fine tune Threshold and Volume to perfectly match operating conditions. More accurate and comfortable settings.
  • Improved Threshold stability in noisy / trashy environment. Less false signals; cover more ground faster.
  • Larger target coordinates in Digital screen and improved menu fonts.
  • Improved weight and balance with new light-weight waterproof coil; Comfortable detect for longer periods of time without fatigue.

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